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Discover Why Our 'Trainer Certification Program' Will Train You To Provide Solutions To Home Based Businesses & Traditional Businesses So You Can Work When You Want, From Wherever You Want While Earning A Lucrative Income!

Priceless Possibilities was founded in November 1996 as a Training & Support Company to provide the Training & Tools to Transform businesses. The founder Michael Price, has achieved many successes in his sales career (see the Training page) and has been training individuals and businesses since 1996 to learn how to successfully grow their business.

Since 1999, Priceless Possibilities has invested millions of dollars to create Custom Recruiting & Retention Systems for Home Based Businesses and diversified to provide solutions for Small Traditional Businesses in 2009. We have helped Tens of Thousands of businesses to leverage the Internet with our powerful marketing systems.

After creating custom recruiting systems for others (companies and leaders in the home based business industry) since 1999 and seeing from behind the scenes what works and what doesn't work, we introduced our own FREE Lead Generating System for the home based business industry in October 2012. We have had amazing results and literally have many top recruiters using our system.

While we will always improve our recruiting systems, we are now focusing our passion on training by offering our 'Trainer Certification Program' to help anyone be more effective at selling. If you want to market our systems, then we include proven strategies and the tools to ensure great results. However, even if you don't want to market our systems, our 'Trainer Certification Program' will help you sell more of whatever you want to sell.

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Why Can Our 'Trainer Certification Program' Help You Earn
A Very Lucrative Income If You Want To Market Our Systems?

During the gold rush days, the people who really got wealthy were those who sold the picks and shovels to the miners. Why ... because everyone looking for gold needed a pick and shovel ... without the right "tools", a miner wouldn't find gold.

n today's "Gold Rush" (the Internet) people looking to work from home and leverage the Internet also need the right tools. The "gold" they are mining for are PROSPECTS interested in their business. For people promoting a home based business, our 'FREE Lead System Forever' helps them meet their #1 need (the ability to generate prospects), so its something that you can easily share with anyone building a home based business. For people with a traditional business, our 'Instant Sales System' will help them capture the contact information of a lot more people coming to their website which then allows a business owner to increase their exposure to those prospects thereby resulting in increased sales!

Why We Are Only Training a Very Limited Number of People & How Can That Provide an Opportunity to Earn a Very Lucrative Income for You?
While we have a passion for helping others through training, our time is limited. Over the years, we've discovered that lots of people who want to learn how to work from home, have the passion but don't have a system to promote successfully. Because success often requires the efforts of others, we require anyone who might want to market our services to make sure they are well trained so they don't misrepresent what we offer. As well, if people who want to market our services aren't well trained, then it is a waste of their time and our time. Therefore, our 'Trainer Certification Program' has a fee so that we only work with those who are serious.
We Provide a 12 Month BETTER Than Money
Back Guarantee So You Have NO Risk to Use
Our 'Trainer Certification Program'!
Better Than Money Back Guarantee as follows - When you purchase our Trainer Certification Program, we will provide you with weekly training (on average 75 minutes per week) as well as 2 Live Events per year (2 tickets per event at NO cost) for 10 years. Our Trainer Certification Program will teach you how to sell anything you desire more successfully.

If you want to market our services, you can earn a lucrative compensation based on the efforts of you and others (see the Income Potential page). We are so confident that our training and the services we offer will allow you to earn a considerable income, that after 1 year, you get to decide if you want your 1 time Trainer Certification Program fee refunded in full (100%) based on meeting just 2 simple requirements as follows.

1) You must wait 1 year from the time you complete payment in full for our Trainer Certification Program.

2) You must attend one (1) of our live events in Boise, Idaho and stay for the entire 2 days. After attending the live event, we will document your attendance by giving you a written proof of your attendance. These 2 requirements allow us to make sure you are well trained so we can help you to earn income.

If you have met both requirements and want your 1 time Trainer Certification Program fee refunded, then you will get to keep all commission earned during the year as well receive 100% of your 1 time Trainer Certification Program fee. However, if you want a 100% refund of your 1 time Trainer Certification Program fee, then you will give up any ongoing commission after that point. All we require is a written notice between 12 and 13 months from when you become a Strategic Partner, and we will send the refund within 7 days of the receipt of your written notice (again based on you meeting our 2 requirements).

If you decided that you do not want your Trainer Certification Program fee refunded 100% after 1 year, then you would continue to receive compensation forever based on the efforts of you and others when marketing our services (see Income Potential page). So the bottom line is you have No Risk and a Better Than Money Back Guarantee to join our Trainer Certification Program with us.